aigre witnesses "china speed"-爱游戏官网入口

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aigre witnesses "china speed"

on sept.28, 2010, emu flew on the newly-built shanghai-hangzhou high-speed railway. the train is constantly refreshing the latest speed with people's cheers and exclamations. 350 km, 380 km, 400 km...the running speed of emu is always over 400 km/h. trees and buildings on both sides flashed back like the wind, but the train was as smooth as ever.

the shanghai-hangzhou high-speed railway has achieved seamless connection between shanghai and zhejiang, with a total length of 202km, and opening the curtain of "the same city era".

construction of the shanghai-hangzhou high-speed railway began on feb. 26, 2009. on june 20, 2010, china railway 24 bureau adopted aigres un5-150zb rail welding machine for on-site rail welding. on august 6, 2010, the whole line rail welding construction was completed. on sept. 28, 2010, shanghai-hangzhou high-speed railway was put into trial operation, with the maximum train speed reaching 416.6 km/h, and it broke the world's highest test speed for railways.

aige once again witnessed the "china speed" of high-speed railway and the "made in china" of rail flash welding machine to the world.