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strong rails

today we visit chengdu rail welding base, there a rusty rail attracts our attention and brings us back to 2010 aug 19th.

it was heavy rain that day the roadbed was destroyed by rush of water and the rail and sleeper was moved. about 3:00 pm, the k165 train from xi’an to kunming was drove to shi jiangting bridge but the bridge deck began to collapse, seconds later, the no.5 and no.6 pier collapsed which caused the train off-line, and the train was propped by two rails to protect it dropping into the river. after 15 minutes the rail broke but the passengers already left train and nobody hurts.

because of the two “thin” rails’ strength, there was nobody hurts, it was a miracle of this event. this two rails were welded together by aigre’s mobile rail flash butt welding machine and the rails were put into the chengdu rail welding base till now, and we call them strong rails.