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Talent Showcase – Expose your works through my blog!

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Yesterday while I was watching TV an idea flashed through my mind, its simple a very simple one. Idea was to promote any type of talent through my blog. It can be of any type, any mode like photography, your webdesigining skills, a story, an article, a poem, a digital design, a painting, a digital painting, a video shot by you, a song sung by you anything! Theres NO BAR on the category or type of talent. All humans are talented in multiple ways, I do believe theres no one in this world without any talent. ALL HUMANS ARE TALENTED IN MULTIPLE WAYS! – I believe in that.

What you have to do?

If you wanna promote or expose your talents through my blog – just mail me to jojojosonm@gmail.com or just make a comment in my blog like “you wanna show up something” & I will get back to you.

I will show your works through my blog &  will give a breif description about your work. In addition I will link to your personal websites & social network profiles. A naughty comment from my side about your work can also be expected! So if you have something to show me dont wait a second, just contact me!

So to beging with, I must show you something..rite? I decided to begin with a photograph took by one of my friend. Just see it below


[Click on the image to get a larger version]

This is a very different perspective of Marine drive – Cochin. The shaded sunlight that comes out from the skyhole in a black&white mood & traversing vertically to the centre portion of lake shows up a mysterious silence of cochin! The black&white light gives the picture a life, it seems like “light from heaven falling straight onto the water surface” It might be the light house of heaven, searching all round the Godsowncountry for the safety of his own people!

Meet the Photographer: Lijo George

To know more about Lijo: Visit his website: www.iamlijo.com

Meet the man in Orkut: Lijos Profile

So if you liked his work, comment here about it!

About me! what to say...

Discussion 7 Comments

  1. Joe Nathan

    Hi! Are you interested in getting a template/ banner/ header/ logo/ business cards/ mascot designs for your site for no money, in return we require text links from your site http://www.jojojoson.com. Approaching you through this form since I could not find out the email address. Please get back to me if you are interested.

  2. Cyriac

    i would like to expose one of my capture through your blog. i have sent the picture to the email specified. i hope you will do it when you have time.

  3. Jaina

    can i have the details of this photographer?? :D :D :D

  4. SLT-A77

    Its Kesenangan untuk memahami blog Anda. Artikel di atas cukup luar biasa, dan aku benar-benar menikmati membaca blog Anda dan poin yang Anda dinyatakan. Saya sangat suka muncul kembali secara khas, posting banyak lainnya yang berjarak topik. Terima kasih untuk berbagi … terus menulis!

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