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Mohanlal and Kamal Hassan joins to remake A Wednesday

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Its a history being made with “Unnai Poloruvan” remake of critically acclaimed and successful Hindi film A wednesday . When the legendary actors of Indian Cinema industry Mohanlal and Kamal Hassan join hands to make a film, its quiet natural the viewers expectation goes high and a hype that shatters the sea wave will get created.

A wednesday was a different attempt which dared to get out of the cages of conventional Hindi cinema. Performances were really great in which Anupam kher and Nazarudeen Shah fights inch to inch to outshine each other, but in the end the viewer find its difficult to distinguish whos great! Both performed their best in A Wednesday. Storyline of the movie was pretty interesting and was a great variety and Kudos to the brilliance of the director who kept the pace of the movie according the script demands. Its a story thats happening in a day-A Wednesday!

Watch the movie asap if you haven’t yet!

I hope the south Indian legends Mohanlal and Kamal Hassan will outshine both Anupam Kher and Nazarudeen Shah with their damn best performances ever! Well there’s “reasons” to expect! I am eagerly waiting to see the national award winners (multi times) competing each other on screen…nothing less than an “inch 2 inch”

Anjali Menon-the woman face of malayalam cinema?

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Have you heard of this intelligent women? well, Anjali menon is the director of “Manjadikuru” – a recently made feature film in malayalam which has won the awards

  • Best Film of Malayalam – IIFK conducted @ Trivandrum
  • Best Indian debut Director – Anjali Menon – IIFK

Go through WikiPedia if you want more about IIFK & Awards

I haven’t watched this film or know anything about this film yet! What I only know is an outline which I picked from her blog & is like

How many folks out there have grown up outside India and remember going back on holiday to our tiny hometowns? The annual vacation which would be marked clearly on those Indian calendars hanging on foreign walls. Weeks in advance the shopping would be done- a gift for the second cousin, sweets for the nephews, medicinal oils and balms for the older uncles, a scent spray for the new couple. And finally the day would come to set out for the home shores.

I was a Gulf kid and our vacations were always during the Middle eastern summers which wonderfully coincided with the monsoon showers of Kerala, India. There are a thousand things I remember about those times. Today I have moved back to India and am a filmmaker making my first feature film soon. The film “Manjadikuru” is about those very impressions. Like the lucky red seeds – they will remain little nuggets of memory that throb every time one smells wet earth or sees a touch-me-not flower or hears “Manjil virinja poove…”- a hit song from early 80s.

I came to know about Anjali Menon from TV (1 month before in a news channel) & today I happened to watch a talk show with this woman in MM TV. To be frank I got attracted to her observations,intelligence,view on her profession, view on cinemas,life etc. Well, the uniqueness that makes medias to boast off about Anjali is that shes a woman!! Its a great attempt that should be admitted & admired, compared to many other women who doesn’t even think of doing anything! (hmm!!..not all women actually!…there are ladies who makes their mark in this world & sometimes even a bolder mark than men!!)

There are only few people who gets to work on their dream or passion &  pursue what their heart desires! Anjali is one among that & I wish her all success for her future works! I am a serious admirer of Malayalam cinema, who wishes it to regain the quality of 80′s & 90′s and I hope Anjali will do her role in that process!

Film “Manjadikuru” is performed by Pritviraj, Murali & Thilakan (as i heard from MM News). I will review this movie here in my blog after watching it soon!

You can know more about Anjali in her blog: www.luckyredseeds.blogspot.com

I Googled a lot for her picture but failed to find one! Sorry!!