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Path of Sparrow is worth a watch

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Here comes another pool of talent! This time its a friend from United Kingdom and her wonderful photographs.  Just see the gallery and enlarge all images for a tougher analysis, say me which one you liked the most on the comments section of this blog.


I really really liked the second photograph named “Path of Sparrow” and the 4th one – a single leaf! really nice! So whats your opinion? I am sure you will love it!

Meet The Talent:

Well her name is Sana Suhail doing graduation in UK. You can meet her via Orkut , if you want to or express your criticism and ratings via comments of this blog.

You also have some talents to show through this blog?

A love story….like what?

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Hi all,

Here comes my next post in Talent Showcase and this time its a video directed by my friend & old school mate Nithin. Please watch this video and you can comment about his direction skills.

A Love Story… like what? from SMU Campus TV on Vimeo.

Meet The Director:

Name: Nithin – You can meet him @ Orkut

My Comments: Appreciated work. Congrats! but you need to improve.

You also have some talents to show through this blog?

Anjali Menon-the woman face of malayalam cinema?

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Have you heard of this intelligent women? well, Anjali menon is the director of “Manjadikuru” – a recently made feature film in malayalam which has won the awards

  • Best Film of Malayalam – IIFK conducted @ Trivandrum
  • Best Indian debut Director – Anjali Menon – IIFK

Go through WikiPedia if you want more about IIFK & Awards

I haven’t watched this film or know anything about this film yet! What I only know is an outline which I picked from her blog & is like

How many folks out there have grown up outside India and remember going back on holiday to our tiny hometowns? The annual vacation which would be marked clearly on those Indian calendars hanging on foreign walls. Weeks in advance the shopping would be done- a gift for the second cousin, sweets for the nephews, medicinal oils and balms for the older uncles, a scent spray for the new couple. And finally the day would come to set out for the home shores.

I was a Gulf kid and our vacations were always during the Middle eastern summers which wonderfully coincided with the monsoon showers of Kerala, India. There are a thousand things I remember about those times. Today I have moved back to India and am a filmmaker making my first feature film soon. The film “Manjadikuru” is about those very impressions. Like the lucky red seeds – they will remain little nuggets of memory that throb every time one smells wet earth or sees a touch-me-not flower or hears “Manjil virinja poove…”- a hit song from early 80s.

I came to know about Anjali Menon from TV (1 month before in a news channel) & today I happened to watch a talk show with this woman in MM TV. To be frank I got attracted to her observations,intelligence,view on her profession, view on cinemas,life etc. Well, the uniqueness that makes medias to boast off about Anjali is that shes a woman!! Its a great attempt that should be admitted & admired, compared to many other women who doesn’t even think of doing anything! (hmm!!..not all women actually!…there are ladies who makes their mark in this world & sometimes even a bolder mark than men!!)

There are only few people who gets to work on their dream or passion &  pursue what their heart desires! Anjali is one among that & I wish her all success for her future works! I am a serious admirer of Malayalam cinema, who wishes it to regain the quality of 80′s & 90′s and I hope Anjali will do her role in that process!

Film “Manjadikuru” is performed by Pritviraj, Murali & Thilakan (as i heard from MM News). I will review this movie here in my blog after watching it soon!

You can know more about Anjali in her blog: www.luckyredseeds.blogspot.com

I Googled a lot for her picture but failed to find one! Sorry!!

A Cyriac talent

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I am back after a short break to blog about new stuffs! Anyway I must do this right now, I got a request from ma batchmate cum company mate & of all one of ma best friend Cyriac 1 month before to add his work (a photo graph taken by him) in my blog. So heres it pals, a wonderful Bottom-UP shot!



Location: Light House – Trivandrum

Whats catchy ? - The angle of shot!

Meet the Photographer: Cyriac George

Cyriac’s Blog: www.cyriac.me

You too wanna expose some of your works ? Read here how to do that

My Comments on Cyriacs pic: Good piece of work! Congrats man!!

Comment about his photograph below!

A simple technique to increase your feedsubscribers

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feed increase

Feed subscribers are the “Gold coins” of a professional blogger or anyone who blogs with a passion. Any blog with a number of subscribers=1000+ is decent but the ones who can get a 10000+ subscribers is truely amazing!  Subscribers can be easily turned out into daily visitors with our valuable content & writing styles.

How to attract more subscribers?

Initially it will be a bit difficult to get some subscribers. I recommend you not to add the “subscription” untless you have made some 100+ quality posts in your blog.

  • Daily update your blog with latest news. Atleast “a single post a day” should be followed. 2 or 3 will be fine.
  • Dont do “post bombing”-though content is king & more content will add more traffic, I dont recommend doing more than 5 posts a day. A blog should grow steadily-daily-continuosly. It must not be something built in a fortnight. But its okay in initial stages of blogging when your blog lacks sufficient content
  • Make some funny posts & add satire in your posts. This will attract such category of people.
  • Critical writing will give you people in that category – so as a net result – your blog should contain all types of posts that satisfies a majority.
  • Do 70% of total posts related to your blog niche – Dont do “random” type always.

Capsule Technique

  • OFFER something for the subscribers! -thats the best available technique to boost your subscribers.
  • Eg 1: Run a contest in your blog saying ” Subscribe & win prizes” – “5 people from first 1000 subscribers will get an IPOD”
  • Eg 2: For a “Money making blog” -Offer “Quick money making guide for all Subscribers”
  • Eg 3: For a photo blog ” Subscribe & Get 1000 landscape pics Now!”
  • Eg 4: For a Tech blog ” Subscribe & Get a Technology Guide for Free”
  • Eg 5: For a software type ” Subscribe for FREE & get 100 softwares for download”

These are the many examples & a lot more possible. Make a comment here if you have some new idea.

NOTE: Always specify just above your subscription widget “GET UPDATES FOR FREE via E MAIL” – or – “SUBSCRIBE via E Mail for FREE” or “SUBSCRIBE for FREE to GET UPDATES”

Use your sense in your case!

SEO advantage:

Use FEEDBURNER if possible. Increasing number of subscribers in a steady manner will add to your Search Engine Rankings. Number of subscribers & its steady growth is one of the 1000 SEO parameters that Search Engines consider!

Create polls on your wordpress blog-using WP-Poll plugin

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Read about Advantage of Using Polls in your blog here

Heres a beautiful WordPress plugin that may interest you! It enables you to create Polls in your wordpress blogs easily!



  1. Open wp-content/plugins Folder
  2. Upload the Files to a FOLDER: WP-POLLS

  3. Activate WP-Polls Plugin in your wordpress Dashboard Interface


  1. Open wp-content/themes/<YOUR THEME NAME>/sidebar.php
  2. Add:

    <?php if (function_exists(‘vote_poll’) && !in_pollarchive()): ?>
    <li><?php get_poll();?></li>
    <?php display_polls_archive_link(); ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

    To show specific poll, use <?php get_poll(2);?> where 2 is your poll id.

    To embed a specific poll in your post, use [poll id="2"] where 2 is your poll id.

    To embed a specific poll’s result in your post, use [poll id="2" type="result"] where 2 is your poll id.


You can see a POLL interface on your WordPress Dashboard! Just get to that POLL interface – & Play with it.

Note: You can change the initial logs under Manage Polls-To Kick start your POLL!

Have Fun!!

Create POLLS to increase your websites traffic-visitors-links

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Online polls

How creating POLLS in blog can help you bring traffic, help you gain returing visitors, help you gain links?

So thats this posts discussion! Creating polls can add to all the 3 said above! It can bring you loads of traffic, backlinks & returning visitors if used in the most effective way! How? read on!

Any SEO advantage?

YES! Ofcourse, according to the latest algorithm of Google it indexes or gives more weightage to user interactive sites/blogs. POLLS are a wonderful option to improve your websites user interactivity. This will surely add your websites value in Google & you can expect an increase in traffic via searches.

Gain returning visitor!

The K.E.Y of a successful blogger is his visitors & of this main one is the so called “returning visitors“. Adding user interactivity to your blog/website adds a lot in gaining returning visitors. When a visitor comes to your website & sees some interactive items like “commenting” , “Polls” , “Rating option” etc he usually develops a kind of “love” to your blog. Now if your contents are fresh & valuable then you can bag this visitor as “returning” sure bet!

Create Controversies!

A dead blog with no activity or energy is like a dead frog on bed! You have to create controversial content & activities. In fact this will also create “link bait” for your blog.

Eg: If you are running a celebrity blog, just run a POLL like this!

Whos the best actor in the world?

  1. Tom Hanks
  2. Clint Eastwood
  3. Leaonardo de Caprio

Now the rest you can guess! To attract more people to this POLL, just get to Fan Communities of these celebrities & inform them about such a poll happening in such a blog & beg “please vote for our Tom Hanks & make him win”

Experiance: I run several entertainment blogs & I tried this experiment in 3 of them. I exploited the hardcore fanship & emotions of FANS by creating controversial polls in my blogs. Then I went to many Forums, Communities etc to inform the FANS about this poll. The result was amazing & I got a load of returning visitors.

Linkworthy Poll:

Create polls about latest current affairs for eg: About the US president election, like “Who will win Obama or Mckain?” It will add to your backlinks too. Many of your already existing visitors who sees “the poll” in your blog will write about the incident happening in their blogs which adds to your backlinks & hence traffic.

Utilise the Fanatism in people:

You have to find K.E.Y areas where you can exploit emotions of people & develop a controversy in your blog. “Fanatism” is the best emotion that can be exploited easily. Eg: “Create a poll saying Windows Vista is the most powerful OS in the world?” or “Windows Vista beats Linux”  or “Sachin Tendulkar is best player than Don Bradman?” Hows it? Create polls on extremely opposite views! Its a fact that “fanatism” will tempt people to respond! Fanatism is such an emotion that a “fanatic” might call & inform many like minded people & inform about this poll so as to WIN his viewpoint, he will not mind the loose of time & money for this case.

These all are the advantage & solutions to the question How creating POLLS in blog can help you bring traffic, help you gain returing visitors, help you gain links?

Moreover creating polls adds to your websites beauty! Be beautiful!!

Image Optimisation Technique in Search Engines

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Image Optimisation Technique in search engines

Its a common mistake or a type of avoidal that most SEO people will do, they dont Optimize their site for images. I dunno why this happen always and why many are still not so aware of this great oppurtunity to pump a load of traffic to your website. Optimisaing Images in your site will bring you a load of traffic via search engines. A recent conference conducted by Search Engine Strartegies concurred that “image search is the fastest growing vertical in the search arena today. Statistics from Hitwise show it to achieve 90% growth year after year, with over 360,000,000 searches per month across the top search engines: Google, Yahoo!, Ask, MSN, and AOL. All in the “Big 5″ have a search vertical dedicated specifically to image results, with 3 of them (Google, Yahoo!, MSN) integrating images into some contextual search results.”

How to optimise your images?

Thats the question! How to optimise your images, so that your site/blog gets a good visibility in Search Engines? Answer is simple, only requirement is be aware of certain facts & criterias that Search Engines consider while indexing images.

  1. Use JPG format for all your photos & GIF format for all other graphical representations. Search Engines index JPG images a lot more compared to other formats.
  2. Use ORIGINAL pictures – always! Upload it to your server, integrate your Logos, Trademarks etc.
  3. Naming the Image is a great technique. Name the image in most Search Friendly manner. Eg: If you are writing a post about filmstar Aishwarya Rai or Angelina Jolie, upload an image of same people, then NAME that image like “Angelina Jolie photo” or “Angelina Jolie pic” or just “Angelina Jolie”. Similarly if you are writing a technology article realted to Windows vista, just upload a vista image – after renaming it as “Windows Vista tips” or “Windows vista tweaks” . Use your sense & find out more!
  4. TAGS – can do a good help in optimising images. Write the most appropriate TAGS for your images. Eg: If its a post related to Windows vista, use TAGS like “Windows”, “Vista” “Windows Vista” etc.
  5. DESCRIPTION:- Write a small (20 to 30 words) description about your topic. It must be relevent or matching with the article you are writing.
  6. Including 4 or 5 images of same nature ( i mean related to a single topic) in your article will do good. Search Engines will think you are giving a small gallery of topic. Name all those images related. (Dont use same names for all images)
  7. Give an apt TITLE for your image. Title can be same as Image Name itself. No problem but if you can find some other options better!
  8. Use THUMBNAIL of the image in your main article & LINK to Larger Image from thumbnail.
  9. Always use a good resolution image like 800*600 or more good than that.
  10. If you can Optimise the image page – it will also do a lot good. Add some “one liners” small descriptions etc on the image page. More over it will be damn great if you can enable “COMMENTING” option in the image page. All the comments will add to content volume in the image page leading to more optimisation.

Additional Techniques:

1. Add a RATING option for your image. This will increase the interactivity & Search Engines always love User Interactive pages.

2. HOT LINKING your image page is another option. Eg: If you are running a celebrity site, COPY the image page of some filmstar say “Helen Hunt”. Now goto many related forums,blogs etc & LINK to this page from those forums by starting threads, replying to posts, making comments etc. If you are a Technology webmaster or something else, Go & find out Forums,Social medias, Blogs etc related to your TOPIC & LINK back.

3. Increase LINK to this image from your own site. Eg: You are writing an article on Windows Vista – at the end of article LINK to one of your images or to entire gallery with an anchor text like: “VIEW PICTURES OF WINDOWS VISTA” Sure! It will do good.

4. Hot Link from popular image sharing sites like Flickr,imageshack etc.

Its 100% guaranteed that with a good effort in optimising all the images in your site, you can drive an additional 30% traffic from searches alone. Sites related to Entertainment,Celebrities,Photos,Pictures,Wallpapers,Travel Blogs,Tourism etc can get 70% increase in traffic with effective Image optimisation.

A Tip to Bloggers:

Now on ADD a single image atleast in each of your posts (relevant-apt to content) – optimise it according to my above tips and SEE the DIFFERENCE!


Are you MAD enough to Make A Difference!?

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I thought they were really mad, mad about posh lifestyle, eating pizzas,biking with girlfriends,abusing parents & old people, no determination, no destiny, no life…nothing! How someone who dont know their own life can help improve others? I was concerned about them-the so called “Young Malayalis!” but this group, a group of young, talented,energetic people from godsowncountry(Kerala), they are amazing! They said me they are “MAD” but they redefined it as “Making A Difference” YES! I was not even knowing that such a movement was going on in my eye front, until I got a mail from my friend kenney Jacob asking to blog about this organisation. Are you wondering what hell in the world am speaking about?

Its about an organisation named “MAD-Making A Difference” started 2 years ago in Cochin.

It all started when we decided to start teaching English in YMCA poor boys home. When we started our goals were simple… spent some time with the kids, teach them some English, show them couple of movies and basically have some fun with them. But a few days with them changed us completely.The students we taught were exceedingly capable and mature than the normal kids you find in the private schools. They were aware of the realities of life and they knew they had to work hard to escape them. But in spite of all the hard work and effort put in by them we knew that hardly any of these kids will ever study beyond the 12 th grade. Almost all of them are forced to drop out after their 10 th or 12 th and would end up doing some menial jobs in workshops and hotels rendering all those years of education useless and all their potential wasted. These kids are also unaware of the different options they have after 12 th and without any support from their families or friends, they soon welt.This is when we realized something had to be done. We understood that life was unfair to these children but if we tried we could Make A Difference.

To Read More about this organisation visit WEBSITE of MAD

We people can do a lots of stuff to help the poor but talented people around us!

What attracted me?

There are millions of charity organisations in this world, a 100+ can be even found in Cochin alone! If MAD was also one like that, I wont have given a 2nd look. What inspired me is their uniqueness in helping people, theres a statement in their website “Giving money alone in name of charity will not help people instead it might kill. We do direct the needy children through the right path to unleash their potential, to achieve their goals,to make them understand what life is all about!” This sentence caught my attention as I am having the same idea for a long time! Giving or throwing some money at the poor may give you a fake satisfaction-a feel you have done something for the poor-for the sake of someone-might be for a showup in the society? Ofcourse! Its a great thing, giving money & helping others is great but what if the boy who gets your 1000 rupees dont know what to do with it? What if he dont know how to utilise it effectively? What happens is, he will simply waste the amount by eating,playing, doing all unnecessary stuffs! Instead of creating potential humans out of the poor, we will create 1000′s of smart beggers by giving them money & not teaching them how to use it!?

Here comes the importance of MAD – they are different like their name, they teach people how to grow, how to turn the stones thrown @ people to milestones, how to think ambitiously, how to achieve! Just get to their website & know how you can join hands with them to form a potential youth out of the poor!

MAD @ a Glance

Make A Difference (M.A.D) is a youth volunteer network that currently functions in the three cities of India-Cochin, Pune and Chennai. 312 volunteers teach more than 1200 underprivileged kids English and computer skills in these three cities to enable them to have better career prospects.
These children live in street shelters and orphanages. Without proper guidance, their lives will go astray. MAD makes sure that they have the proper life skills to make it in life. Then MAD tries to get them placed at jobs where they can live their potential!

What you have to do?

MAD was recently picked as one of fifteen finalists for the International Youth Social Entrepreneur Awards which is a prestigious award bestowed by the Ashoka group. MAD became the only Indian entry in this competition in spite of 521 nominations from 60 odd countries. The final winner will be picked by online voting.

Let’s try and bring pride to our country by spreading word about the achievements of our countrymen. To stand up and be recognized in such a multi-faced international crowd is an achievement in itself.Spread the word the only way we know how to do it.

How to Vote?


Get to that site, Register your profile, & then VOTE either by clicking the above PIC or by CLICKING HERE


So lets Make A Difference ?

Talent Showcase – Expose your works through my blog!

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Yesterday while I was watching TV an idea flashed through my mind, its simple a very simple one. Idea was to promote any type of talent through my blog. It can be of any type, any mode like photography, your webdesigining skills, a story, an article, a poem, a digital design, a painting, a digital painting, a video shot by you, a song sung by you anything! Theres NO BAR on the category or type of talent. All humans are talented in multiple ways, I do believe theres no one in this world without any talent. ALL HUMANS ARE TALENTED IN MULTIPLE WAYS! – I believe in that.

What you have to do?

If you wanna promote or expose your talents through my blog – just mail me to jojojosonm@gmail.com or just make a comment in my blog like “you wanna show up something” & I will get back to you.

I will show your works through my blog &  will give a breif description about your work. In addition I will link to your personal websites & social network profiles. A naughty comment from my side about your work can also be expected! So if you have something to show me dont wait a second, just contact me!

So to beging with, I must show you something..rite? I decided to begin with a photograph took by one of my friend. Just see it below


[Click on the image to get a larger version]

This is a very different perspective of Marine drive – Cochin. The shaded sunlight that comes out from the skyhole in a black&white mood & traversing vertically to the centre portion of lake shows up a mysterious silence of cochin! The black&white light gives the picture a life, it seems like “light from heaven falling straight onto the water surface” It might be the light house of heaven, searching all round the Godsowncountry for the safety of his own people!

Meet the Photographer: Lijo George

To know more about Lijo: Visit his website: www.iamlijo.com

Meet the man in Orkut: Lijos Profile

So if you liked his work, comment here about it!