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Forgot WordPress Administrator E-mail and Username?

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Do you want to retrieve your wordpress administrator E-mail?


Are you a guy who owns many wordpress blogs with different usernames,passwords and email for all (or many?). Chances are there you will forget your Username,Password and Administrator E-mail for some of your not so important blogs! Someday when you want to login to one of those blogs,you will find helpless without being able to login or even retrieve your lost password bcz you forgot all required stuffs!

Now you can fix this problem by getting into your Database and manipulating Users table. Its time consuming and guys with little knowledge on MySql will find it too difficult. Also its not a safe bet if you are not sure of what you are doing. So here’s a simple fix.

You can retrieve your admin email if you know the following.

1. You must have an FTP access to the blog.
2. You must know name of any one plugin which is already active in the blog.


1. Login to your websites files via FTP. You can always access and change FTP username and password from your Hosting control panel.
2. Goto wp-contents/plugins directory.
3. Find Folder/File of an already active plugin.If you are not sure of any, chances are that “Akismet” plugin may be active. Sometimes “Hello Dolly” may also be active.
4. Now we have to edit that particular plugin.

Open the chosen plugin in EDIT mode. (You can also download the plugin to your computer,Edit it in Notepad and upload back)

In our example we are using the “Akismet” plugin.

NOTE: Backup the entire plugin by downloading it to your computer before EDITING it.

We are not going to EDIT the whole plugin, we want to retain the plugin name. So be sure to read below carefully.

First few lines of all wordpress plugins are general information about it. We need to retain that info here. So if you are editing Akismet, you have to keep the following untouched.

Plugin Name: Akismet
Plugin URI: http://akismet.com/
Description: Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. You need a <a href=”http://wordpress.com/api-keys/”>WordPress.com API key</a> to use it. You can review the spam it catches under “Comments.” To show off your Akismet stats just put <code>&lt;?php akismet_counter(); ?></code> in your template. See also: <a href=”http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/stats/”>WP Stats plugin</a>.
Version: 2.1.6
Author: Matt Mullenweg
Author URI: http://photomatt.net/

Note: You just keep lines upto a */ part of the plugin code you are editing.

5. Now delete all codes below */

6. Paste the following code below */

function email_retr()
$subject=”Admin Email Retrieved”;
$admin_email = get_option(‘admin_email’);
function email_call()
return email_retr();


7. In the above code, you must have noticed line 3. Its $to=”someone@example.com”; Replace the someone@example.com with your email address.

Ex: if your email address is sam@gmail.com It must be like this


8. Ok! We are done now. Now SAVE the file. (If you downloaded it, EDIT,SAVE and Upload back to Plugins directory with same filenames/folder names).

9. Now Just load the the following URL in your browser.


You should replace the yourblogdomainname.com with your wordpress blogs domain name address.

Okay! Now you may check your E-mail account and you must see a mail with subject Admin Email Retrieved! Open that and you will see your wordpress blogs Administrator Email address.

Now you can RESET your password, log in as Admin. Dont forget RESTORE the Original Plugin (upload back the copy of plugin we have backed up!).

Any doubts? Comment below!

Also READ the following:

Emergency Password Reset Script – http://codex.wordpress.org/User:MichaelH/Orphaned_Plugins_needing_Adoption/Emergency

Reset Password via FTP (by Editing functions file of Active Theme) - http://codex.wordpress.org/Resetting_Your_Password#Through_FTP

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  1. lijo

    hey jojo,

    nice article . but if you can access the Database details from the config file , you can easily get your e-mail address . edit your e-mail address and reset password.

  2. sdhelper


    It does not work for some odd reason. I followed the instructions very closely. Any ideas?

  3. Carlena Pyle

    Interesting Blog, really got to the point for what i was looking for. Bookmarked, so hope to see some new posts like this one.

  4. Stefany Battko

    omg! i clueless.. will someone tell me how to get this page added inside my iphone touch so my brother can take a look at it?

  5. Tamala Macentee

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  6. Jonboy

    When I change the code and then save. I got to my wp-login and get the following error

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘@’ in /home/commer12/public_html/wp-content/plugins/akismet/akismet.php on line 11

    If I change the code back then my site works again ?

    Any ideas welcome :)

  7. mariano

    Nice one… did not know that….anyone has link to other similiar stuff ? thx Mariano

  8. Rebecca

    Our site administrator died and I only have limited admin abilities. Any ideas of who I can contact to gain full admin access?

  9. Teena

    I am unable to get my Admin email through this method….Is it for the current version of Word Press?

  10. andaluza23

    no puedo entrar. porfavor mandarme de nuevo la contraseña, muchas gracias

  11. Riin

    I’m trying to do this for my boyfriend’s site (robsartlife.com). I’m getting the same unexpected ‘@’ error message as #7 Jonboy above. No email is showing up. Help? Thanks.

  12. Mike

    If you are experiencing problems with this hack I suggest you login to your hosting company’s control panel for your site and use myPhpAdmin (most hosting company’s provide that) to access the database for wordpress. Then you can get your admin username, email & even reset the password (info on how to do that is available @ http://codex.wordpress.org/Resetting_Your_Password).

  13. yogi

    hello, I have a problem with this part:

    “8. Ok! We are done now. Now SAVE the file. (If you downloaded it, EDIT,SAVE and Upload back to Plugins directory with same filenames/folder names).”

    My computer doesn’t want to save my document !

    How can I do ?

  14. Kikass

    If You are getting “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘@’ in /home/commer12/public_html/wp-content/plugins/akismet/akismet.php on line 11″ error then just check symbols like “,’ in Your code.

    ” – correct one
    ” – wrong one
    ‘ – correct one
    ‘ – wrong one


  15. seks

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    вот так телки тут

  16. Manny Pacheco

    I’m having trouble getting to the administrator dashboard with my email and password. It happened after I cleaned out my system registry (and most likely deleted the cookie recognizing it).

    I can get to the website…I just can’t write any blogs because I cannot get to the dashboard. I am a real novice with verbage, so if you can explain, remember I am a real laymen…

    Your thoughts?

  17. Kobie

    Jojo, this did not work for me and i’m still struggling to login to my blog. anymore tip?

  18. Arline Daudelin

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  19. Larry

    I can’t retieve a new password for my site,,no matter what I do,,thanks

  20. kt

    UM, Total Catch22 here!
    I can’t seem to log in to any part (admin, ftp, you name it), and thats what I’m trying to get my password reset for!
    Wordpress keeps telling me is emailing me a link to reset password, but the email never comes. Yes, I have checked all possible spam boxes, etc…

  21. Liza

    Is it possible that someone could have hacked me using this? Just curious…

  22. Antonietta Francini MD MA

    There is a confusion with some old webpage I had about an old book. Now I have a new book and a new web page that a friend did for me but I cannot LOG IN because you say that my e-mail address has been deleted. That was years ago. (when I had a .net site)
    Now I have a .ca site : http://www.antoniettafrancini.ca but my e-mail is the same as the very old one: mafran324@gmail.com So it happens that I cannot log in.
    Please, help me reset both: – user name- and password.
    Also there is one more confusion: when I had the new book (a few months ago) I started a page, but a friend was faster and he did it with picture and all. So now there are 2 sites with the same name, one with pictures, one plain. I would keep the one with pictures http://www.antoniettafrancini.ca and do a blog and log in. BUT I CANNOT!

  23. Dr. Adele Jeter

    I am unable to log in on the following sites: 1-celesking3.com, 2- thebrooch.us, Dr Jeter’s artifacts, Marvelous Collectibles. Why was I removed from these sites? I worked hard to establish the web blog and its gone “just like that without any explanation”. Can I be restored and what must I do to accomplish this task? I need a telephone number to talk with a representative of you company, for a reason.
    adele jeter 702 351-5678
    adelejeterj11@gmail.com or
    thank you

  24. Dr. Adele Jeter

    702 351-5678

  25. Stephanie

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I was about to rip my hair out because I couldn’t remember my username. This worked. You’re brilliant, sir.

  26. Louie

    I opened my iccfctup.wordpress.com account last night, but cannot access it today. What am I doing wrong?

    I got an email, but my wordpress email or password/both is not working. I prefer to keep my original password. Please help.

    Louie Dearman

  27. iccfc 2013

    Help restore and/or access my iccfctup.wordpress.com blog
    I received an email to activate. Please help

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