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Best Title Tag Code for WordPress SEO

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Are you using the best title tag  for WordPress? so that you gets maximum search engine traffic ?


Use the following code for your wordpress blogs.

<title><?php if (is_home () ) { bloginfo(‘name’); }
elseif ( is_category() ) { single_cat_title(); echo ' - ' ; bloginfo(‘name’); }
elseif (is_single() ) { single_post_title();}
elseif (is_page() ) { single_post_title();}
else { wp_title(‘’,true); } ?></title>

Its a proven code used by all famous bloggers who use wordpress like “DailyBlogTips” , DoshDosh and many others.

Where to paste the code ?

  1. Go to your wordpress Dashboard (Wp-admin Area)
  2. Go to Appearances and open Theme Editor
  3. Open Header section
  4. You will find there a line starting <title> some codes and ends with </title>. Delete this code.
  5. Copy   and paste your new code! You are done!!

Understanding Search-The basic idea

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Its been a couple of years now since I started working on web, especially on search but its quiet strange that I started to dig “what is search? just recently(lack of time may be the reason).  So far I and my friends were working on some web projects, we were trying to build that up, bring traffic (we were successful in those attempts really) and @ the same time we were building our company Techseol Web Solutions up. If you fail to FOCUS on what you are doing, you will end up no where (thats what I learned so far!)

I am making a humble attempt to answer “What is search?” from my very small experience on this industry so far.

How search happens?

We always “search” to find an answer to a question in our mind.  When ever we need to know about something the easy solution is “search”. You will get your answers in Google or Yahoo or Live or @ some other places. When ever we finds an answer we stop searching because we have reached where we want to. I think that’s the whole basic idea of search.

How to utilize searches?

A search always ends @ an answer or a solution. Humans always love who helps them with a solution @ the right time. So in a way they love the search engine (mostly Google) who helped or guided him/her to an answer. They will keep in mind that “Google/Yahoo/Live gave me an answer so I am gonna use that again”. But the ultimate HUG will be received by the website/blog/wiki who provided him/her with the right solution. Here comes the importance of writing informative/useful articles in your website because it always leads to a HUG by the searcher. They may pay a return visit in future, they may share that blog with their friends, they may bookmark in social medias etc etc.

See 1 guy who payed a visit to your website is = 1 unique visitor = 1 valuable customer of your business.

If you are number 1 in Google for a particular search term say “How to compress a file” and you are getting 158 unique visitors a day from this particular term alone. If you can provide a COMPELLING article on that topic “How to compress a file” answering all the questions, you are making sure that you retains all that 158 customers+expecting more visitors by the reference of these peoples (each day). On the other hand if you are giving a worth less article you are making sure that you will not get the same customer again+no referals + bonus chances of putting your site down in search wikis.

How much searches happen?

Well, even Google can’t answer this exactly. There’s millions of billion searches happening each day. Always keep in mind that 1 searcher = 1 potential customer. I think by localizing things I might be able to give an idea about the volume of searches happening.

Case 1: Global search-Term “laptops”

Understand Search-Global concept

From the figure its easy to understand that term “laptops” has a search volume (number of searches) of 13,600,000 per month.  This means around 4,500,00 unique searches happening a day in Google globally for the term “laptops”. So if you are the #1 result for term “laptops” in Google you gets exposed to that much inbound customers (targeted) a day, increasing the sale chances.

There arises a question always, what this search is happening for? Obviously not all  4,500,00 people searching for “laptops” intend to buy one. Their intentions diversifies, they might be looking for reviews,for comparisons,for price tariffs,for pictures etc. It Varies!

But more focused search term “buy laptops” has a different meaning. Those customers might be interested to buy a laptop, they might be looking for sources of buying a laptop etc. It also varies but I can say they are more focused and higher % of conversion to sale possibility exists. When search gets focused search volumes also gets reduced. Compared to “laptops” the term “buy laptops” has only 1800 searches happening a day. But always keep in mind its better to get focused on your industry rather than widening. Widening is a good concept when its viewed in terms of advertising. For ex: If sites of Sony or Dell or Hp can get #1 in Google for term “laptops” they can deliver a targeted advertising to  4,500,00 unique peoples a day free of ad cost! How sweet is that?

Giving more focus to search terms, we can see searches also happen for different models of laptops like Dell Xps M1330 or Sony Vaio Vgn CS 21 etc. These searchers are highly focused either to know more about a particular laptop or know its review or to see some photos or for a “buy”-a sale! From figure we can understand that “Dell Xps” has around 27,300 serches a day while higly focused “Dell Xps M1330″ has only 3700 searches happening a day.

Well I talked about only some 4 or 5 search terms only. Think about numerous jumbling s of these terms, infinite number of combination’s of search terms, different types of terms that can arise in a searchers mind like “clean laptop” comparison terms like “sony v/s dell” “is dell bad?” etc etc etc. Billions of searches happen a day about “laptops” and its various combinations alone. See how big search is!

Case 2: Regional search-Localised to a City

See lets take the same example of “laptops” but instead of thinking global lets go Local. Lets take a city of Chicago. From data it shows that the term “laptops chicago” has 1300 searches a month. These customers might be searching for laptop shops in Chicago or laptop service centres in chicago or they may be searching for some laptop showrooms in Chicago to see their model of choice in real (not as a digital image in computer monitor). Also the term “laptop repair chicago” has 1000 unique searches happening a month. Now think of the different cities in Usa, different countries, states etc etc. Know how big search is!

My aim was to answer “What’s the basic idea of search” with a perspective that might be helpful to webmasters,search marketers and all those related peoples.

Use Social Media as Marketing Channels

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This Article was written by me  and submitted to  YOUmoz section of worlds most reputed SEO Blog-SEOMoz! Here is the link to SEOMoz Article

In the age of new media, how can we use them effectively to increase sales/business? How can you use new-age social media as a marketing channel?

Let’s start from some basics to have a thought on this subject. People always neglect some simple facts, and that’s why most people fail in building a social media brand. This article is about how can we use even our simplest web activity as a marketing effort. It’s about how to use the power of social media as a powerful inbound marketing tool.

How to Select Your Media

This is an important and primary question to answer. Social media ranges from forums, blogs, vlogs, social bookmarks, social networks, micro blogs, etc. The type of media you select depends on how it relates to your industry/market. For example, if your business is based on automobiles, obviously you should find social media sites/portals about  the automotive industry (related to cars, bikes, automobile reviews, etc). If your business is hospitality, find media related to tourism, travels, etc. What you must consider is whether the social media you selected fits to your business and its market. If answer is YES, then go on. It doesn’t matter if it’s a forum, blog or social network, just make sure it’s niche-related.

How to Use Forums as Marketing Channels

Most people consider forums as cheap or don’t value them much as powerful tool for marketing. Actually, forums can do something “big” if you use them properly. It’s obvious that all the new age web 2.0 social media we see today are an extension/expansion from the basic concept of forums in one way or another. What many people do is just register in some forums, participate in some threads and they might not bother much.

How can you generate some business from your participation in forums? Here are some basic suggestions:

  1. The first thing you must do is complete your personal profile when you register on any social media site (this is the most basic stuff).
  2. The next big thing is to find out where you can place a link to your official/personal website. This is highly important, as this “link” acts as the key to contact you for any means (sometimes a potential client).
  3. Make your profile look original and personalize it to any extent you can.
  4. Put a signature link (a link to your official/personal website) in every forum you join.

Simply registering in a forum with a complete profile will not help you generate business. You must actively participate in discussion boards, reply to active threads, and create appealing new articles/threads.

Build your brand!
This is a universal law. For the industry/media/people you choose, the value you get for your words depends highly on your “brand.” For example: American presidents’ words appeals more than Russian presidents. The case is similar in forums — if you are reputable, if you have a large number of posts/threads, if people value your words, you will build your brand gradually.  When someone contacts you for business, you will enjoy this brand value for sure.

Your attitude!
This plays another key role in branding/developing a smart profile. Your attitude should be based on one & only one “HELP”. Other members in the forums must feel you are here to “help.” When someone asks some doubts or some questions, give them quiet, good answers and you will see your reputation building up.

Making personal relationships
Making good human relationships with other active members of the forum and disclosing your identity will surely help. When you introduce yourself to a new person, immediately say, “Who you are? What company do you work for? What are your company’s products/services?” If possible, try to tell your new contact how you can help him/her with your products/services to improve his business. Try to re-connect with many useful members frequently.

There’s a lot more to write about forums, but I need to go through many other media so I’ll move on. However, what I have written about forums applies to all other media–it’s all basic stuff that helps with Internet marketing.

How Blogs Can Bring You Business

A deep understanding of your business and market will let you know what niche you should blog about. It’s better to start blogging on your company’s official website — this will increase credibility of your content and blog and add value to your company.

Design and content
A beautiful, attractively designed blog with compelling content will drive natural, relevant traffic to your blog. You need to update this blog daily with the latest, worthy content of your niche. People from different locations may visit your blog via organic results, referrals, or some other social media channels. Some 3 to 5% of these visitors might be looking for products/services that you sell. This may certainly lead to conversions. You must also do SEO/SEM/SMO to bring traffic to your blog. Invite other brand people in your niche to do guest blogging, which can also improve your referral traffic.

Don’t forget:

  • A complete, personalised “About Me” page on your blog (add your photo too).
  • A special dedicated page “About your company,” detailing your products/services with beautiful pictures.
  • A good “Contact Me/Contact Us” page. You should also include your email and contact links in social networking profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

How blog commenting will help
You might have heard of/worked with many people offering “Do follow blog commenting” services. But I don’t worry about whether the commenting is do follow or no follow. What you must do is make appealing comments to blog posts related to your niche, but don’t forget to type in your name and website. If your comment is very good or appealing, people may look to know more about you by visiting your website, which may lead to conversions. You are lucky if you can get into healthy fights in “commenting” (like comment baiting) because such activities will make you noticeable. Chances are that people may visit your blog/website/social profile more often.

How guest blogging helps in marketing
Find some good blogs related to your niche and contact them for guest blogging (most people will agree to let you blog since it provides them with free content). Now write a compelling article related to your industry/market, revealing who you are with a link to your website. Also, don’t forget to write a one liner on what you do and what your company is about.

How to Use Social Networks

Social networks can help in different ways, but the most helpful one is LinkedIn, as it’s dedicated to business networking. Facebook also needs to be considered. Here too, the basic stuff is creating an appealing profile. In LinkedIn, complete your profile with all the achievements/expertise/credentials you can show. After building a profile, start building your network by adding new connections. While selecting a new connection to add, be sure it’s worthy. Always select people related to your industry, and consider who can refer you some business, who can bring you sales, etc. Be helpful in LinkedIn as well–your attitude plays a key role!

Participating in Groups/Communities
LinkedIn offers a good platform for active discussion in Groups. You can also bring traffic to your blog via LinkedIn groups. Write an appealing/controversial post in your blog, and then post that link in a LinkedIn discussion board with a catchy excerpt/one liner. While writing controversial posts, be sure to take a neutral stand or not to hurt a person, which is not a good practice. Similar activity can be done in forums, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform.

Using Social Bookmarks

How to use Digg, StumbleUpon, etc is a well discussed topic everywhere. If you can get enough diggs to bump your submission to the front page/”popular” category, you can receive a load of traffic.  You can follow this link for a great article about social bookmarks.

Using YouTube/DailyMotion/metacafe

Create an attractive complete profile with links to your personal blog/official website. Here the difference is only in what to create. So far you were to write articles/content, but here it’s a video which can help in marketing. Create a video (shoot a new one) or an animation related to your industry and then upload. Don’t forget to add credits to the video. You can get more traffic if you can create the video based on a good concept/story. Creating fun/satirical videos will also win huge traffic. People watching this video may look at your profile or visit the website shown in the credits, so you are improving your chances of a sale.

Using Micro Blogging Services for Marketing

I will start with a recent example. Last week Dell, using its Twitter account, announced a sale. The discount sale was only for Twitter users, and it worked! Dell has about 50K+ followers on Twitter, and their sale announcements have always worked well. Each of the Twitter users who follow Dell will alert their followers by tweeting them about the offer. With a single tweet, Dell got a chance to expose their offer to 50K people and, additionally, got another 50K tweets about the offer. What an awesome idea! Dell’s decision to limit its sale to Twitter users is another key point because it gives a personalised discount feeling, which will work far better than a general offer.
I hope the Dell story alone is enough to make you aware of the power of social media as a marketing channel. I am winding up my article here and will share my new thoughts in coming articles. To end, practicing the tips given above gives you a chance to expose your products and services via social media marketing. Today I’ve written about the basics of inbound marketing. Studies have proven that Inbound marketing efforts have a 60% chance on closure of a sale, whilst outbound techniques have less than 30%.

A simple technique to increase your feedsubscribers

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feed increase

Feed subscribers are the “Gold coins” of a professional blogger or anyone who blogs with a passion. Any blog with a number of subscribers=1000+ is decent but the ones who can get a 10000+ subscribers is truely amazing!  Subscribers can be easily turned out into daily visitors with our valuable content & writing styles.

How to attract more subscribers?

Initially it will be a bit difficult to get some subscribers. I recommend you not to add the “subscription” untless you have made some 100+ quality posts in your blog.

  • Daily update your blog with latest news. Atleast “a single post a day” should be followed. 2 or 3 will be fine.
  • Dont do “post bombing”-though content is king & more content will add more traffic, I dont recommend doing more than 5 posts a day. A blog should grow steadily-daily-continuosly. It must not be something built in a fortnight. But its okay in initial stages of blogging when your blog lacks sufficient content
  • Make some funny posts & add satire in your posts. This will attract such category of people.
  • Critical writing will give you people in that category – so as a net result – your blog should contain all types of posts that satisfies a majority.
  • Do 70% of total posts related to your blog niche – Dont do “random” type always.

Capsule Technique

  • OFFER something for the subscribers! -thats the best available technique to boost your subscribers.
  • Eg 1: Run a contest in your blog saying ” Subscribe & win prizes” – “5 people from first 1000 subscribers will get an IPOD”
  • Eg 2: For a “Money making blog” -Offer “Quick money making guide for all Subscribers”
  • Eg 3: For a photo blog ” Subscribe & Get 1000 landscape pics Now!”
  • Eg 4: For a Tech blog ” Subscribe & Get a Technology Guide for Free”
  • Eg 5: For a software type ” Subscribe for FREE & get 100 softwares for download”

These are the many examples & a lot more possible. Make a comment here if you have some new idea.

NOTE: Always specify just above your subscription widget “GET UPDATES FOR FREE via E MAIL” – or – “SUBSCRIBE via E Mail for FREE” or “SUBSCRIBE for FREE to GET UPDATES”

Use your sense in your case!

SEO advantage:

Use FEEDBURNER if possible. Increasing number of subscribers in a steady manner will add to your Search Engine Rankings. Number of subscribers & its steady growth is one of the 1000 SEO parameters that Search Engines consider!

Create POLLS to increase your websites traffic-visitors-links

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Online polls

How creating POLLS in blog can help you bring traffic, help you gain returing visitors, help you gain links?

So thats this posts discussion! Creating polls can add to all the 3 said above! It can bring you loads of traffic, backlinks & returning visitors if used in the most effective way! How? read on!

Any SEO advantage?

YES! Ofcourse, according to the latest algorithm of Google it indexes or gives more weightage to user interactive sites/blogs. POLLS are a wonderful option to improve your websites user interactivity. This will surely add your websites value in Google & you can expect an increase in traffic via searches.

Gain returning visitor!

The K.E.Y of a successful blogger is his visitors & of this main one is the so called “returning visitors“. Adding user interactivity to your blog/website adds a lot in gaining returning visitors. When a visitor comes to your website & sees some interactive items like “commenting” , “Polls” , “Rating option” etc he usually develops a kind of “love” to your blog. Now if your contents are fresh & valuable then you can bag this visitor as “returning” sure bet!

Create Controversies!

A dead blog with no activity or energy is like a dead frog on bed! You have to create controversial content & activities. In fact this will also create “link bait” for your blog.

Eg: If you are running a celebrity blog, just run a POLL like this!

Whos the best actor in the world?

  1. Tom Hanks
  2. Clint Eastwood
  3. Leaonardo de Caprio

Now the rest you can guess! To attract more people to this POLL, just get to Fan Communities of these celebrities & inform them about such a poll happening in such a blog & beg “please vote for our Tom Hanks & make him win”

Experiance: I run several entertainment blogs & I tried this experiment in 3 of them. I exploited the hardcore fanship & emotions of FANS by creating controversial polls in my blogs. Then I went to many Forums, Communities etc to inform the FANS about this poll. The result was amazing & I got a load of returning visitors.

Linkworthy Poll:

Create polls about latest current affairs for eg: About the US president election, like “Who will win Obama or Mckain?” It will add to your backlinks too. Many of your already existing visitors who sees “the poll” in your blog will write about the incident happening in their blogs which adds to your backlinks & hence traffic.

Utilise the Fanatism in people:

You have to find K.E.Y areas where you can exploit emotions of people & develop a controversy in your blog. “Fanatism” is the best emotion that can be exploited easily. Eg: “Create a poll saying Windows Vista is the most powerful OS in the world?” or “Windows Vista beats Linux”  or “Sachin Tendulkar is best player than Don Bradman?” Hows it? Create polls on extremely opposite views! Its a fact that “fanatism” will tempt people to respond! Fanatism is such an emotion that a “fanatic” might call & inform many like minded people & inform about this poll so as to WIN his viewpoint, he will not mind the loose of time & money for this case.

These all are the advantage & solutions to the question How creating POLLS in blog can help you bring traffic, help you gain returing visitors, help you gain links?

Moreover creating polls adds to your websites beauty! Be beautiful!!

Image Optimisation Technique in Search Engines

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Image Optimisation Technique in search engines

Its a common mistake or a type of avoidal that most SEO people will do, they dont Optimize their site for images. I dunno why this happen always and why many are still not so aware of this great oppurtunity to pump a load of traffic to your website. Optimisaing Images in your site will bring you a load of traffic via search engines. A recent conference conducted by Search Engine Strartegies concurred that “image search is the fastest growing vertical in the search arena today. Statistics from Hitwise show it to achieve 90% growth year after year, with over 360,000,000 searches per month across the top search engines: Google, Yahoo!, Ask, MSN, and AOL. All in the “Big 5″ have a search vertical dedicated specifically to image results, with 3 of them (Google, Yahoo!, MSN) integrating images into some contextual search results.”

How to optimise your images?

Thats the question! How to optimise your images, so that your site/blog gets a good visibility in Search Engines? Answer is simple, only requirement is be aware of certain facts & criterias that Search Engines consider while indexing images.

  1. Use JPG format for all your photos & GIF format for all other graphical representations. Search Engines index JPG images a lot more compared to other formats.
  2. Use ORIGINAL pictures – always! Upload it to your server, integrate your Logos, Trademarks etc.
  3. Naming the Image is a great technique. Name the image in most Search Friendly manner. Eg: If you are writing a post about filmstar Aishwarya Rai or Angelina Jolie, upload an image of same people, then NAME that image like “Angelina Jolie photo” or “Angelina Jolie pic” or just “Angelina Jolie”. Similarly if you are writing a technology article realted to Windows vista, just upload a vista image – after renaming it as “Windows Vista tips” or “Windows vista tweaks” . Use your sense & find out more!
  4. TAGS – can do a good help in optimising images. Write the most appropriate TAGS for your images. Eg: If its a post related to Windows vista, use TAGS like “Windows”, “Vista” “Windows Vista” etc.
  5. DESCRIPTION:- Write a small (20 to 30 words) description about your topic. It must be relevent or matching with the article you are writing.
  6. Including 4 or 5 images of same nature ( i mean related to a single topic) in your article will do good. Search Engines will think you are giving a small gallery of topic. Name all those images related. (Dont use same names for all images)
  7. Give an apt TITLE for your image. Title can be same as Image Name itself. No problem but if you can find some other options better!
  8. Use THUMBNAIL of the image in your main article & LINK to Larger Image from thumbnail.
  9. Always use a good resolution image like 800*600 or more good than that.
  10. If you can Optimise the image page – it will also do a lot good. Add some “one liners” small descriptions etc on the image page. More over it will be damn great if you can enable “COMMENTING” option in the image page. All the comments will add to content volume in the image page leading to more optimisation.

Additional Techniques:

1. Add a RATING option for your image. This will increase the interactivity & Search Engines always love User Interactive pages.

2. HOT LINKING your image page is another option. Eg: If you are running a celebrity site, COPY the image page of some filmstar say “Helen Hunt”. Now goto many related forums,blogs etc & LINK to this page from those forums by starting threads, replying to posts, making comments etc. If you are a Technology webmaster or something else, Go & find out Forums,Social medias, Blogs etc related to your TOPIC & LINK back.

3. Increase LINK to this image from your own site. Eg: You are writing an article on Windows Vista – at the end of article LINK to one of your images or to entire gallery with an anchor text like: “VIEW PICTURES OF WINDOWS VISTA” Sure! It will do good.

4. Hot Link from popular image sharing sites like Flickr,imageshack etc.

Its 100% guaranteed that with a good effort in optimising all the images in your site, you can drive an additional 30% traffic from searches alone. Sites related to Entertainment,Celebrities,Photos,Pictures,Wallpapers,Travel Blogs,Tourism etc can get 70% increase in traffic with effective Image optimisation.

A Tip to Bloggers:

Now on ADD a single image atleast in each of your posts (relevant-apt to content) – optimise it according to my above tips and SEE the DIFFERENCE!