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A simple technique to increase your feedsubscribers

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Feed subscribers are the “Gold coins” of a professional blogger or anyone who blogs with a passion. Any blog with a number of subscribers=1000+ is decent but the ones who can get a 10000+ subscribers is truely amazing!  Subscribers can be easily turned out into daily visitors with our valuable content & writing styles.

How to attract more subscribers?

Initially it will be a bit difficult to get some subscribers. I recommend you not to add the “subscription” untless you have made some 100+ quality posts in your blog.

  • Daily update your blog with latest news. Atleast “a single post a day” should be followed. 2 or 3 will be fine.
  • Dont do “post bombing”-though content is king & more content will add more traffic, I dont recommend doing more than 5 posts a day. A blog should grow steadily-daily-continuosly. It must not be something built in a fortnight. But its okay in initial stages of blogging when your blog lacks sufficient content
  • Make some funny posts & add satire in your posts. This will attract such category of people.
  • Critical writing will give you people in that category – so as a net result – your blog should contain all types of posts that satisfies a majority.
  • Do 70% of total posts related to your blog niche – Dont do “random” type always.

Capsule Technique

  • OFFER something for the subscribers! -thats the best available technique to boost your subscribers.
  • Eg 1: Run a contest in your blog saying ” Subscribe & win prizes” – “5 people from first 1000 subscribers will get an IPOD”
  • Eg 2: For a “Money making blog” -Offer “Quick money making guide for all Subscribers”
  • Eg 3: For a photo blog ” Subscribe & Get 1000 landscape pics Now!”
  • Eg 4: For a Tech blog ” Subscribe & Get a Technology Guide for Free”
  • Eg 5: For a software type ” Subscribe for FREE & get 100 softwares for download”

These are the many examples & a lot more possible. Make a comment here if you have some new idea.

NOTE: Always specify just above your subscription widget “GET UPDATES FOR FREE via E MAIL” – or – “SUBSCRIBE via E Mail for FREE” or “SUBSCRIBE for FREE to GET UPDATES”

Use your sense in your case!

SEO advantage:

Use FEEDBURNER if possible. Increasing number of subscribers in a steady manner will add to your Search Engine Rankings. Number of subscribers & its steady growth is one of the 1000 SEO parameters that Search Engines consider!

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