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10 Free WordPress Themes for Women-Female Bloggers

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Yesterday I have published an article on 10 Best Professional WordPress Themes for Personal Blogs. Today you can find 10 Free WordPress Themes for Female/Women bloggers. You don’t need to be a female blogger to use these themes, you can use this if you are a blogger who runs a website for females; for ex: selling women merchandise.

1. Lady Glamour Theme

First one is lady glamour theme which is 3 column, right-left sidebar, and is of 1000px. This theme uses a pink lady on its header and hence the name.


Download-Preview Theme

2. Evening Lady Party

Second theme is Evening Lady party which blends “girl” stuff and party.  It has got a gang of girls at its header, dressed up for a party! It’s a 2 column theme with a left sidebar and is of 900px. Got an extra red presence which is not that “girly”


Download Theme

3. Lady poodle – Walk Free Theme

Third is Lady poodle theme which has the image of 2 young, pretty girls walking freely with their pet poodle dogs. Lady poodle is a 2 column theme,960px and with a right sidebar.


Download Theme

4. Fashion sketch Model Theme

Fourth one “Fashion Sketch” is related to modeling and fashion. It has got a nice header with 4 models in their pose. This theme is ideal for some one in the fashion industry, specially for young models who wanna blog. Its a 900px, 2 column theme with a sidebar on the right side.


Download Theme

5. Women Health Theme

Fifth one is ideal for “Health bloggers” who focuses on women workouts, training,yoga,tips and tricks. This is a 3 column theme with a sky blue header. Sidebar comes with a rectangle space for sharing/embedding youtube videos.


Download Theme

6. Working Woman Theme

This one named “Working Woman” is a latest release, suitable for wordpress 2.7 and above. Its a 3 column theme with a right sidebar,widget ready and stylish. It has been tested for browser compatibility on all major browsers,supports gravatar and threaded comments.


Download Theme

7. Woman Style Theme

Highly “woman” style, that’s the specialty of this 2 column theme, light pink mix colour,high hield shoes with a pair of beautiful flowers as header image.


Download Theme

8. What Woman do Best-Theme

Latest magazine style design,built in customizable,browser compatible, widget ready and social media ready. easy to modify and is “womanized” . One of the highly recommended theme for a pro woman blogger.


Download Theme

9. Mamma Press

A wordpress theme exclusive for mothers.Has all the advantages like Free, Premium looks,professional, 3 column, browser compatibility and customizable.


Download Theme

10. Green Apple Theme

Finally a “Green” Theme for woman. Cross browser compatible,latest design,customizable and specially for woman who loves green.


Download Theme

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  1. Nicke

    Great looking themes and all in one place. Thanks for saving me a heck of a lot of time!

  2. mariano

    This is really a great stuff thanks for sharing. Keep it up. I will bookmark this blog, and will come back often. Hoster

  3. Nicola

    Thanks for doing the hard work for me. About to start my first blog and really wanted something girly!

  4. Nicola

    Can you tell me what you do to upload a theme into my wordpress account?

  5. Janis Ian

    This is the template I am looking for.
    I am making a website about stretch marks and this theme fits well for my blog.
    Thank you.

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