How I Drive a Million Visitors Per Month to My Blog

Hi Guys,

I’ve started my journey into the world of websites & SEO while I was doing my Engineering course; from the age of 19! Well, I recall it was so cool those days – to be a website owner who makes money while still a college student.  I remember my friends wondering ” how you do it man ?“. And I did help many of my close friends start websites and make money! Well, those days cherish as golden memories in me now.

After finishing my course, I embarked on an exciting entrepreneurship journey straight out of the college (I opted out of 3 job offers I had through campus placements). I’ve been involved in starting many websites, developing web & mobile applications, marketing those apps to get visitors/downloads – as part of my entrepreneurial journey. It has been a roller coaster ride, just as it would be for any startup founder. I’ve seen ups & downs, many of my projects failed to take off as I expected, some didn’t even saw light and I have lost money many times.

Just like “success” and “failure” are two sides of the same coin, I’ve been part of really good success too. I’ve built websites which get millions of visits per month, I’ve marketed apps to get thousands of downloads, I’ve made money from ecommerce, affiliate marketing, Google Ads, selling direct ads, selling services, selling websites, selling premium software, selling digital goods – ah! you name it!. I am so passionate about online businesses, that I’ve wet my hands on almost all ideas that came to me. All these experiences call for an article on its own! Let’s come to our topic of discussion – How I made a million visitors per month to my blog.

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