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Processed Hand will help hand movement with out your knowledge

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We have seen many people who are suffering from diseases like stroke and partial paralysis may find it difficult to move their hands or fingers. Though physiotherapy may help in some cases, it will take time and the probability is very low.

New technology

Developers at the Tokyo University have made a new device called “PossessedHand” which has some properties of a blood pressure cuff that is tied on to your arm. The device produces an electrical signal that is passed on from your arm to your fingers. For each type of signal produced, the device will produce a small nudge on your fingers and thus move them at specific different pre-determined angles.

Sony Co. has also given its technical support in developing the device. Apart from the small tools like DIYers used in the machine, the main part of the device is the Arduino Microcontroller. The signals from the microcontroller are passed on to 28 different electrodes that are strapped on to the arm. Some machines similar to this one have been invented earlier, but all of them had the disadvantage of inserting the electrode inside the skin, which is rather painful. In this method, the electrode pads are just strapped on to the outer layer of the skin. The effect that the signals produce will be same when compared to other conventional methods. In fact, the device is so smooth that the developers like to compare it with a hand massager. Another major advantage of this device is that the movement of the arm, wrists and fingers is not caused by a forced current, but just a gentle nudge from the currents.

The applications of this device vary from learning to play a guitar to speech translation techniques. All you have to do is program the microcontroller with the desired music lesson and place the electrodes on to your arms. This will help you to learn the guitar faster. If you are unaware of translating a speech by using hands, for the hearing impaired, you could use the PoosessedHand. The applications in the medical field include movement of the hands for stroke affected victims.

All these applications are possible only if the device is programmed in different modes for different uses. Due to its wide range of applications, many programs will have to be fed to the device and this is quite a problem. But, if the device is restricted for a single use, it can be easily implemented.

You can read more about Processed hand on the Electronics circuits website : - Processed Hand will move your hands

10 Free WordPress Themes for Women-Female Bloggers

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Yesterday I have published an article on 10 Best Professional WordPress Themes for Personal Blogs. Today you can find 10 Free WordPress Themes for Female/Women bloggers. You don’t need to be a female blogger to use these themes, you can use this if you are a blogger who runs a website for females; for ex: selling women merchandise.

1. Lady Glamour Theme

First one is lady glamour theme which is 3 column, right-left sidebar, and is of 1000px. This theme uses a pink lady on its header and hence the name.


Download-Preview Theme

2. Evening Lady Party

Second theme is Evening Lady party which blends “girl” stuff and party.  It has got a gang of girls at its header, dressed up for a party! It’s a 2 column theme with a left sidebar and is of 900px. Got an extra red presence which is not that “girly”


Download Theme

3. Lady poodle – Walk Free Theme

Third is Lady poodle theme which has the image of 2 young, pretty girls walking freely with their pet poodle dogs. Lady poodle is a 2 column theme,960px and with a right sidebar.


Download Theme

4. Fashion sketch Model Theme

Fourth one “Fashion Sketch” is related to modeling and fashion. It has got a nice header with 4 models in their pose. This theme is ideal for some one in the fashion industry, specially for young models who wanna blog. Its a 900px, 2 column theme with a sidebar on the right side.


Download Theme

5. Women Health Theme

Fifth one is ideal for “Health bloggers” who focuses on women workouts, training,yoga,tips and tricks. This is a 3 column theme with a sky blue header. Sidebar comes with a rectangle space for sharing/embedding youtube videos.


Download Theme

6. Working Woman Theme

This one named “Working Woman” is a latest release, suitable for wordpress 2.7 and above. Its a 3 column theme with a right sidebar,widget ready and stylish. It has been tested for browser compatibility on all major browsers,supports gravatar and threaded comments.


Download Theme

7. Woman Style Theme

Highly “woman” style, that’s the specialty of this 2 column theme, light pink mix colour,high hield shoes with a pair of beautiful flowers as header image.


Download Theme

8. What Woman do Best-Theme

Latest magazine style design,built in customizable,browser compatible, widget ready and social media ready. easy to modify and is “womanized” . One of the highly recommended theme for a pro woman blogger.


Download Theme

9. Mamma Press

A wordpress theme exclusive for mothers.Has all the advantages like Free, Premium looks,professional, 3 column, browser compatibility and customizable.


Download Theme

10. Green Apple Theme

Finally a “Green” Theme for woman. Cross browser compatible,latest design,customizable and specially for woman who loves green.


Download Theme

Best Free WordPress Themes for Personal Blogs

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All bloggers search for amazing,stylish wordpress themes, which looks like a professional premium theme, but available for free. People set up a blog for various purposes like expressing their views in public, offering services, doing business etc. Here I am sharing some best wordpress themes suitable for personal blogs.Some of them have all qualities of a premium theme yet they are free.

1. Tomodachi Theme

Tomodachi was originally designed as wordpress magazine theme but its highly suitable for a personal blog. Its a 3 column theme with 2 side bars placed at right side. Just above the sidebar there’s 2 rectangles one for placing and ad or a flash/image, other for a short bio of the blogger with a small photograph


Download/Demo This Theme

2. Notepad Chaos Theme

This theme from the “Smashing Magazine ” is an artistic one, which is best suited for a personal blog. This theme is ideal for someone who is looking an artistic style with handwritten menus and texts. A 2 column theme, professional design and is free.


Download/Preview Theme

3. Masaahan Theme

Now this is a built in theme which has many features like Twitter account integration, adsense ready, feedburner ready,Tabbed sidebar,comes with an automatic Thumbnail resizer and many other features. It has got threaded comments section, a gravatar feature and a featured posts gallery.


Download/Preview Theme

4. Deskspace

Are you looking for a cool one? A theme that freshens up you and your readers? Here’s one “Deskspace” – a cool wordpress theme for personal blogs. Its widgets ready,compatble with latest wordpress versions and as a bonus you will get its PSD files for further modifications.


Download/View Demo Of Theme

5. Polaroid Press

Here’s a polaroid theme for those who wants a personal blog theme for your wordpress with a nice Polaroid.  You can add as many as images to this polaroid, randomize the images so that your readers can see a new image of yours everyday.Its cool, eh?


Download Theme

6. Personal Homepage

This free wordpress theme is ideal for bloggers who are keen to display a photo album in their sidebar. A good photo album is integrated in which you can add multiple photos and randomize. In addition you can display a static display message near the header area on your blog,combining dynamic blog posts.  For more its good looking with a white background, a nicely made footer and social media integration.


Download-Preview – Theme

7. Blues Theme

Here comes another smashing theme from “Smashing magazine”.  Its a simple, user friendly design which is cool to eye. Suitable for personal business blogs with a little modification. You can use the theme for either private or commercial purposes and is available for free download.


Download Blues Theme

8. Pretty Theme for Female Bloggers

Please don’t say I avoided you dear girls, here comes a pink one(your favourite colour,rite?). It matches your style,fashion and beauty. A 2 column theme exclusively designed for girls.


Download This Theme

9. Creative Art Theme

Another artistic theme suitable for a personal wordpress blog. Features include widget ready and its PSD files are available with download, so that you can alter the design as you wish.


Download Theme

10. Libria Simple Theme

So here’s the last theme in this post, its a simple one suitable for personal blogs. Its not artistic,stylish but its simple and cool.Its inspired from Mac so you may expect colour combination related to Mac Os.


Download – Preview Theme

Best Shopping Cart/E-Commerce Plugins for WordPress

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Wodpress Shopping Cart

WordPress is the most popular and search engine friendly blogging software available today. With millions of webmasters using wordpress there’s a high demand for customized plugins to serve a variety of applications. Integrating a shopping cart/E-commerce plugin on your wordpress blog for selling products and services was a tedious job before but with 10+ high quality plugins, we can easily integrate a Shopping Cart on wordpress now.

List of Best Shopping Cart Plugins:

1. WP E-Commerce Plugin

Wp E-Commerce is the most popular plugin shopping cart plugin for wordpress till date. It has been downloaded by more than 6 lakhs+ wordpress users and is a highly functional. It’s reviews are mixed,rated 3/5, some people claims the plugin is not functioning well while some says its excellent. You can download this plugin from the link given below and test it. Its a fully featured e-commerce plugin which can serve the demand of selling products/services using wordpress blog.

Download – Wp-E-commerce Plugin

2. Quick Shop

Second plugin I list here is Quick Shop. First of all it requires PHP 5 so if check this with your hosting. A main advantage with this plugin is you can integrate a shopping cart within your posts and pages. In addition it adds a widget indicating the cart of the shopper and its wordpress MU compatible. quickshop has got a good rating of 4/5 and has been downloaded by 50K+ users. It’s got good positive reviews and is worth your download time.

Download Quick Shop Plugin

3. Shopperpress E-Commerce plugin

Its the professional shopping cart plugin for wordpress. It has been downloaded by 20000 users so far and got a good rating of 3.5/5. An advantage of this plugin is it has got a good professional support, a good community to discuss your installation problems and doubts,and they release updated versions of the plugin frequently. So lets conclude this as a reliable plugin source. Authors of this plugin sells a professional premium wordpress theme which is exclusively for shopping carts. This premium theme comes with a reasonable price and life time free support. Try that too if you are a serious business man.

Download Shopperpress Plugin

4. EcWid Shopping Cart Plugin

Its not a highly popular plugin but it has got a good rating of 4.5/5, which gives it a place here. Downloaded by 14k+ happy users. Specialties of this plugin are it uses AJAX, you can integrate it with Facebook profile,Integration with social networks, very fast and has got updates.

Download EcWid Plugin

5. EShop Plugin

Eshop is a highly popular plugin with over 1 lakh downloads and a very good rating of 4.2/5. This plugin is packed with many new features like merchant integration, eshortcode integration, WPMU compatible, Custom email messages, Download and montor sales data, basic statistics of sales, stock data and reports etc. In addition you can provide discount coupons and integrate different shipping rates. This plugin is really worth a try.

Download Eshop Plugin

6. Simple Paypal ShoppingCart

Here comes a plugin for integrating Paypal payment system to your wordpress blog. Its quiet simple and can added to your pages,posts and sidebar. Its a widely used plugin and can be used for selling both products and services. In addition this plugin has multiple currency support, a customizable “Add to Cart” button and Payment page redirection is available.

Download Paypal shopping cart plugin

7. Wp-Auctions

So at last here’s a plugin exclusively for auctions. This plugin allows a user to create multiple auctions and all for free. This plugin uses Ajax and a Pop-Up system for better user experience. You can integrate paypal as a payment option for this plugin. It comes with good admin backend support and you can easily manage auctions from you admin panel. A moderately popular plugin worth a try for auctions in wordpress.

8. Easy Donation plugin

A plugin dedicated to collect donations. :) Its easy to install and integrate. You can add buttons like “Make a donation” or “Buy me a Beer” etc. This plugin is nothing greater than any of the plugins listed above. I have listed it here just because its enough for simple needs like collecting a donation.

Download easy Donation Plugin

9.Wp-Live Shopping cart plugin

This time its a widget style plugin. This plugin enables you to list all your active products within a single widget, that’s it. This widget is a customizable one and certainly you can integrate it to your wordpress blogs sidebar. Its an easy installation and you require a wordpress version higher that 2.2.

Download Wp-Live Plugin

10.Google Checkout Plugin

Third is exclusively for Google Checkout. If you are in need of a plugin just to integrate Google Chekout alone, here’s it. Its a recent release and I am not sure about its performance. You may try it and tell me your opinions.

Download Google Checkout plugin

How to bargain effectively?

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Bargaining or negotiating a deal is an art. All of us have gone through this process in various stages of life, what matters is we got successful or not?

Why should I bargain?

There are many people who thinks bargaining is a cheap tactic, so they pay what ever the retailer says or an MRP, without uttering a word asking discount. In contrast to this there are many others who bargain as if to get a product for peanuts, who bargains again and again. Now if it’s me I will always ask for a discount in a friendly manner, sometimes I will bargain to get a fair deal (a win-win for both) and there are instances I have bargained like a fool and ended up unsuccessful in making that deal. Bargaining aims to save money from our pockets. If you are purchasing an item of MRP 1000 rupees and if you can bargain to get the same for 900, you save 100 rupees, enough cash for a nice dine out. If you are not bargaining you are going to loose this 100 bucks for nothing.

How to bargain and get a fair deal ?

This is a competitive world and there’s fierce competition out in every sector. Purchasing/Shopping is also an art like bargaining. First thing is knowing where to purchase an item at the most reasonable price. Lets go through an example, I want to buy a Sony Vaio notebook, CR 36. Lets say its MRP is Rs.54,370. Now if you have plenty of cash and dont want a bargain, just buy it and remember this article is not for you. Okay! so I want a discount and first thing is understanding how much reduction you want. This is a difficult task as we would like to get anything for peanuts! If we know what’s the profit margin of the reatiler we can assume a possible figure. Profit margin of the merchant depends on various factors like competition,fast moving or not, wholesaler or retailer,his sales volume etc.

How to know profit margin?

As I said it varies with products. For example: A furniture retailer may be selling his item at 30 to 40 percent margin(becuase of low sales volume, slow moving,high demand and less supply of quality items etc), where as an electronics goods retailer may be selling his products for 10 to 20 percent margin. In any case a basic profit margin is 10 percent. No retailer is going to sell an item for a margin less than 10% unless he is a wholesaler or a supplier who depends on large sales volume and lesser profit margins. An average or a common purchaser is unlikely to purchase from wholesalers. This makes it clear that if you are buying from a retailer you can be sure that he gets a minimum percentage of 10 as profit. Now there are exceptions for branded items, fast moving items etc etc. Lets just take this as a general rule.

Note: You can search over the web to get a good idea of the product, its price ranges, wholesale price, where to get maximum discount, fair deal etc.

Now I am going to buy a Sony Vaio and as per our guess my retailer say shop X makes a profit of 5437 rupees. Now this may not be his actual profit, he may need to deduce operating expenses,transportation costs etc from Rs.5437. Lets not think about that, but we are clear that we cant ask for a reduction more than Rs.5437. No retailer/businees person will ever make deal in loss. He may sometimes sell a deadstock at his cost price but never sell  any thing for loss. Now we got an idea and lets make a fair deal.

Fair deal !

Now we cant ask for a Rs.5437 discount, well we can ask but it may not work out! As a fair deal lets ask for Rs.2370 as a discout and lets pay Rs.52,000 for the product. Chances are that you will make this deal if talked in a nice manner to a reasonable sales manager, applying a little pressure tactics. Rs.2370 is about 4.35% of MRP which means the reatiler still gets around 5%, deducting other expenses. In this way if you have an idea of the market rates you can easily get nice deals.

What if the retailer is not willing?

Here comes the real game! – The Art of Bargaining! We offered him a deal and he’s not willing for that, now what? Like Godfather says “Lets make him an offer that he can’t refuse“. Bargaining will not be that effective and produce desired output unless applied pressure on the reatiler. How to apply this? It depends on the purchaser, his attitude, knowledge of market rates, his communication skills etc.

  • First Round: If you are confident of the market rates and profit margin – first thing you can do is to make him aware of that. A good way for doing this is, if you know name of a wholesaler who supplies the same or know the shops which are best in the market offering best deals, say your retailer “I know where to get this for the said price. I can get this from shop Y and Z, but I would like to do business with you since you are near to me and I have heard feedbacks that you offer better customer service. Many of my friends have purchased from your shop before,so if you can accept my offer lets do business now”
  • Second Round: If hes still not willing, lets make another offer. “If you can get me this for my price I shall purchase one more item from you, say a bluetooth headset” or something like “If you can get me this deal, I shall refer you another business. One of my friend is awaiting to buy a notebook so you will get 2 customers “
  • Third Round: You are likely to close the deal in second round, if not lets try this. Lets reduce that discount price a bit say Rs.500 and add a product as free instead, say a pen drive worth Rs.350. If not for this, 90% we can close the deal for reducing the discount price by Rs.1000 and add a prodct as free worth Rs.700 or 800. Idea behind this is a reatiler always benefits by giving free products rather than cash discounts.
  • Fourth Round: Even after three rounds if we failed to make a deal, we need to rethink. If we are confident of the discount price we asked and if we are sure its a fair deal, a win-win, we dont need to step back any further. Lets try saying “Well if that’s the case, I am quiting your shop. I know I can get this deal from shop Y, I have talked with their sales manager. Only reason I came here is because of a referance, no big deal.I think shop Y is lucky, they are gonna get 2 people. I also have plans to buy a home theatre system, which I hope, shop Y will get me a nice  deal.”  Now with this, if he want to sell his product he will make deal else forget him, he is not a reasonable sales manager.

Bargaining power ?

Its something that we achieve by making good realationships with a retailer. Our bargaining power is the least when we are making our first purchase(a single product) from a shop. Bargaining ability increases when we become a repeated customer of the shop. If we are buying 2 or 3 products at a time from a single shop we can apply more pressure on the sales manager, than if we purchase a single item. Similarly we get more negotiating power when we refer more business to the same shop and in addition we get a respect and qaulity service from him. He will prioritize us and offer us his best deals. So to get a good enough negotiating power we need to follow a simple method – for a particlular set of products deal with a single shop/retailer(select one from reference and experience – who offers nice deal – a reasonable shop)  and establish a longterm relationship. Always make win-win offers and get the deal.

Forgot WordPress Administrator E-mail and Username?

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Do you want to retrieve your wordpress administrator E-mail?


Are you a guy who owns many wordpress blogs with different usernames,passwords and email for all (or many?). Chances are there you will forget your Username,Password and Administrator E-mail for some of your not so important blogs! Someday when you want to login to one of those blogs,you will find helpless without being able to login or even retrieve your lost password bcz you forgot all required stuffs!

Now you can fix this problem by getting into your Database and manipulating Users table. Its time consuming and guys with little knowledge on MySql will find it too difficult. Also its not a safe bet if you are not sure of what you are doing. So here’s a simple fix.

You can retrieve your admin email if you know the following.

1. You must have an FTP access to the blog.
2. You must know name of any one plugin which is already active in the blog.


1. Login to your websites files via FTP. You can always access and change FTP username and password from your Hosting control panel.
2. Goto wp-contents/plugins directory.
3. Find Folder/File of an already active plugin.If you are not sure of any, chances are that “Akismet” plugin may be active. Sometimes “Hello Dolly” may also be active.
4. Now we have to edit that particular plugin.

Open the chosen plugin in EDIT mode. (You can also download the plugin to your computer,Edit it in Notepad and upload back)

In our example we are using the “Akismet” plugin.

NOTE: Backup the entire plugin by downloading it to your computer before EDITING it.

We are not going to EDIT the whole plugin, we want to retain the plugin name. So be sure to read below carefully.

First few lines of all wordpress plugins are general information about it. We need to retain that info here. So if you are editing Akismet, you have to keep the following untouched.

Plugin Name: Akismet
Plugin URI: http://akismet.com/
Description: Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. You need a <a href=”http://wordpress.com/api-keys/”>WordPress.com API key</a> to use it. You can review the spam it catches under “Comments.” To show off your Akismet stats just put <code>&lt;?php akismet_counter(); ?></code> in your template. See also: <a href=”http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/stats/”>WP Stats plugin</a>.
Version: 2.1.6
Author: Matt Mullenweg
Author URI: http://photomatt.net/

Note: You just keep lines upto a */ part of the plugin code you are editing.

5. Now delete all codes below */

6. Paste the following code below */

function email_retr()
$subject=”Admin Email Retrieved”;
$admin_email = get_option(‘admin_email’);
function email_call()
return email_retr();


7. In the above code, you must have noticed line 3. Its $to=”someone@example.com”; Replace the someone@example.com with your email address.

Ex: if your email address is sam@gmail.com It must be like this


8. Ok! We are done now. Now SAVE the file. (If you downloaded it, EDIT,SAVE and Upload back to Plugins directory with same filenames/folder names).

9. Now Just load the the following URL in your browser.


You should replace the yourblogdomainname.com with your wordpress blogs domain name address.

Okay! Now you may check your E-mail account and you must see a mail with subject Admin Email Retrieved! Open that and you will see your wordpress blogs Administrator Email address.

Now you can RESET your password, log in as Admin. Dont forget RESTORE the Original Plugin (upload back the copy of plugin we have backed up!).

Any doubts? Comment below!

Also READ the following:

Emergency Password Reset Script – http://codex.wordpress.org/User:MichaelH/Orphaned_Plugins_needing_Adoption/Emergency

Reset Password via FTP (by Editing functions file of Active Theme) - http://codex.wordpress.org/Resetting_Your_Password#Through_FTP

The IPL Business

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Wanna take a look @ the IPL Economics ?


A fortnight is too short a time to judge the success of a concept, especially when it is something as revolutionary as the Indian Premier League (IPL). Yet, those behind the IPL, including the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), may have enough reason to smile as the third season of the tournament is set to have a successful grand finale. However, there is little doubt that the recent controversies surrounding IPL chairman Mr Lalit Modi has affected the brand value and credibility of this business entity to some Extend.

In this article I will not be discussing about any kind of controversies, but I am going to bring the entire monetary policy of IPL. Before i start anything let me take back to the Indian History . The British East India company ruled India over 100 years .The policy so called “ Divide and rule “ made things easy for the British .Today after 63 years of our independence , the god father of Indian cricket (BCCI) has applied the same divide &rule policy. They divided the India into cities and appointed Mr Lalit Modi as the viceroy.

The cities were put on to an auction table and well know Indian conglomerates bagged those deals . The new owners of Indian cricket were neither the old princess nor the bureaucrats, who forced into sports. They are serious business men who running efficient business all over the world. The table below contains the auction price of each cities and the owner.


IPL had $2.3b dollar revenue before a ball was bowled! .1.6 billion from television- rights ,which  had been sold for 10 years. The remaining 0.7 billion was from the money in which all the franchises putting in.

Ticket sale :

Our population, for a long time we though as a biggest problem. Today eventually it became our great asset. The more people watch ,more the profit for IPL and each franchises . If the crowds that have thronged the stadiums at every single venue ,then the IPL may have caught the imagination of the masses. The entire concept of IPL is based on the assumption that the public will take a fancy to supporting league teams, as opposed to national teams, and come out in large numbers to watch their favourite stars play, whatever their nationality.


The title sponsorship fee of Rs 40 crore per annum for the next five years to be paid by DLF will be shared with the franchises. IPL will retain 40 per cent of this with the balance 60 per cent to be shared between the franchisees equally. While these revenues accrue from the central pool to the franchisees, they will generate team sponsorship at individual levels. For instance, Nokia is the team sponsor for Kolkata Knight Riders while Aircel sponsors Chennai Super Kings and Fly Emirates Sponsor Kings X1 Punjab. This revenue will remain wholly with the franchisees. Some teams such as Mumbai Indians have multiple sponsors in MasterCard and Idea all of which are endorsed on team jerseys.

Now lets take a look at how money has been flowing in and out for last few years in the IPL .

The IPL Revenue Flow


The critical question is: Will the franchises break even in the first year itself? The answer could differ across franchises, as the sponsorship models that they have assumed are different. While some of them have gone for straightforward team sponsorship, others have taken sponsors on board as partners. For example Teams like RCB will not make any money from sponsorship as their main sponsors are Kingfisher because the Owners equity belongs to the same person, as both entities are under UB group.


Note : figure in Crores (Rs) and based on year 1 data .

This is quite amazing that KKR and RR break even in the first year itself . It’s a great achievement after spending millions of dollars. I believe the bottom line of this extravagant money bonanza is “ Winning doesn’t matter “ and I have stats from KKR to support my hypothesis .

NOTE: This is an article by my friend Nithin Jose (Nit), who is studying Business Management @ Singapore. Please share your opinions on this as comments below. You can contact Nithin @ Facebook

Why Tharoor ?

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Controversies surrounded this man from the day he decided to enter Indian politics.  From the day since then it was a roller coaster ride for Dr.Sashi Tharoor where he jumped from one to another. Started with opposition from local congress leaders of Tivandrum on his candidacy to the Loksabha, it continued with “Cattle Class” and “Holy Cows” which assigned him the title Mr.Twitter, again the “Visa”  tweeting issue, then came “Interlocutor”  and finally the IPL. We all know the details of these controversies from the media so there’s no point in vomiting all those shits again here.

Why Tharoor ?

Controversies are siblings of political leaders, its not new some MP or Minister is running into a controversy. My doubt is why there formed too much of noise against this eminent man?

  • Is it bcz he’s a globally recognized personality and is able enough to execute a plan ?
  • Is it bcz he’s supremely educated and talented that “politrics leaders”  fear he will be a threat to their vested interests?
  • Was those “holy cows” and “interlocutor”  bcz of profoundness of Tharoor in English or lack of knowledge of media and politicians ?
  • Is it bcz he has no “God Fathers” in Indian politics ?

On all the above controversies serious attempts where there from all sides of politics to whack off  Mr.Sashi Tharoor.  They say Sunanda Pushkar is his friend and she holds a sweat equity of Rs.70Cr, so that he should resign ? According to my knowledge most members of Rendezvous sports are his friends (I dont know if I can call friends, well they all know each other at least).  Why no issues on that ? Why should he be forced to resign on such a silly issue ? Why not Narendra Modi made to resign and face the court on Gujarat Muslim Massacre? Narendra Modi (if he believes hes innocent) can face the trial, prove himself and come back, isn’t it? Why BJP is not thinking that way ? Why not Pinarayai Vijayan the glorified CPI(M) State Secretary facing a serious allegation on the Lavlin case? Why can’t Pinarayi resign ? Why not Shibu Soran the killer ? Why not Saradh Pawar on Sugarcane case?

Why only Tharoor ?

Global Warming a dilemma ?

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Tony Blair once said “Global warming is too serious for the world any longer to ignore its danger”

There is little doubt that the planet is warming. Over the last century, our planet’s temperature has risen by around 1 degree Fahrenheit. The United Nations panel on climate change projects that the global temperature will rise by 3-10 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century – which is enough to have the polar caps melted. If the ice caps melt, a vast majority of our land will be underwater. It is well known that the recent natural calamities like floods, earthquakes etc. are the effects of climate change.

We all understand one thing from the recent Copenhagen summit, Our politicians and people who are leading the corporate world do not care about our planet anymore . Neither they going to take any action anytime soon . What they only care about is , GDP growth , financial stability and economic advancement . I believe the COP summit is a mockery to mask their activities.

We all understand that Country’s growth is important from a business perspective. Manufacturing companies would not be able to sustain if they cut down on the carbon emission or cap its limit. But I would like to ask them ,why we need to have 10- 12 % GDP growth when we wont have a place to live in near future.

Our ministers and politicians seem inefficient, inarticulate and reasonably unintelligent, when they deal with environmental issues. So I would like to tell all of you to join a campaign to tell these policy makers that, the time to do has arrived and the to time talk has already gone. As we all know better late than never !

I hope that govt will take immediate action to cut down the carbon emission and I also hope that these developing countries will realize that if not taken into concern they will have recurrence of natural calamities with greater viciousness greater causalities and more comprehensive destruction’s. Even 2012 will not remain as a mystery.

NOTE: This is an article by my friend Nithin Jose (Nit). You may contact him @ Facebook